Kevin T.w.i.t.t.e.r’s Update ~ 170319

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I’m happy I can make beautiful memories with KISSme today as well!✨
I have nothing but my grateful feelings toward KISSme
Thank you very much?
Let’s meet again at the concert in April!
Love you all~❤️
I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me

U-KISS Japan T.w.i.t.t.e.r’s Update ~ “Solo&Unit ALBUM” Release Event 170315

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Thank you very much for coming to support us in the middle of cold weather! Please stay warm in order not to catch a cold, alright. #ukiss #kissme #AeonMallTokoname #ReleaseEvent
خیلی ممنون که وسظ سرما برای حمایت از ما اومدید! لطفا گرم بمونید تا سرما نخورید.

U-KISS – Sweet Valentine 2016 DIGEST MOVIE (from 「U-KISS Solo & Unit ALBUM」) ~ ۱۷۰۳۰۵


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U-KISS Japan T.w.i.t.t.e.r’s Update ~ 170303


U-KISS solo&unit ALBUM’ Tower Records release event (3/15) is cancele
برنامه معرفیه آهنگ سولوی هون و بست آلبوم یوکیس که قرار بود ۱۵ مارس در Tower Records برگزار بشه کنسل شد!