U-KISS @ Asia Music Network Showcase “DMC Festival” ~ Photo 161007


تو این برنامه پسرا اعلا کردن بعد از تور ژاپنشون کامبک کره ای خواهند داشتwp-monalisa icon
عکسا به صورت فایل زیپ در ادامه …

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Kevin T.w.i.t.t.e.r’s Update ~ A.M.N ShowCase 161007


Your cheering today was fabolous! I was so happy to be able to see you guys closely, thank you for coming! It was raining ☔️so be careful on your way home!
Thanks for watching our performance tonight! We love you!
Thank you for those who also came from Japan to watch our performance~!
ترجمه ادامه

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